Landmarked Firehouse
Artist:  Anna Schermerhorn, 1992


Engine 33 Ladder 9
42 Great Jones St.

Our Fire House lost 10 members of the 14 who responded to the call at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001:

Firefighter David G. Arce
Firefighter Gerard Baptiste
Firefighter Brian E. Bilcher
Firefighter Michael Boyle
Firefighter Robert E. Evans
Firefighter Robert King, Jr.
Firefighter Keithroy M. Maynard
Lieutenant Kevin J. Pfeifer
Firefighter John P. Tierney
Firefighter Jeffrey P. Walz


This page is dedicated in their memory and with respect for more than 150 years of service and sacrifice that Engine 33 and Ladder 9 have given to our neighborhood.

More to come......