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Zella Jones


The Neighborhood Watch List


We created this "watch area" for NoHo, on June 11, 2010, where you can see and can register complaints.

It is an alternative to the City's 311 system that allows us to keep track of what is going on in our neighborhood, in real time, and to monitor what is actually being done about it (unlike the City's 311 system). 


We have notified CB#2 and our elected officials and some City agencies that our watch is active and have invited them to monitor the complaints.  We will be too, and take action where we can.  Should there be a response to the complaint you will be able to follow progress in correcting it through a line of correspondence linked to the issue listing.  The archive of these issues and actions - or non-actions - will also help NoHoManhattan.org in advocating for the neighborhood at various hearings.

  • If the complaint is an emergency, we urge you to call 311 first, but also report it here and
    include the complaint #

  • If you have a similar complaint, add it .  Just click on the link for that issue.  Doing so will alert your neighbors of the condition, encourage them to report similar issues AND get action faster

  • Add new complaints by clicking on the link at the top left of the map.  Here are some sample topics:  rats, potholes, traffic congestion, late night disturbances, late night sidewalk revelry, vandalism, biker or bike lane issues, motorbikes parking on your sidewalk, environmental issues, construction issues, trees and tree pits and sidewalk obstructions, street lights, film permits, noise, damage, smoke, idling...

Managing Editor
Zella Jones


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