Mural at Houston-Old Broadway Car Wash
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Artists Robert Rauschenberg and Frank Stella painted in its lofts. Entertainers Cher 
and Keith Richards call NoHo home


Art & Theater

  1. Zurcher Studio, Gallery, 33 Bleecker St.
  2. Subculture, Cabaret, 45 Bleecker St.
  3. The Culture Project, Performance
    45 Bleecker St, 212-925-1806
  4. Gene Frankel Theater, Performance
    24 Bond St., 212-777-1767
  5. Dashwood Books, Books, 33 Bond St.
  6. The New Museum, Museum, 235 Bowery
  7. Bowery Poetry Club, Poetry, Sunday/Monday
    308 Bowery, 212-614-0505 
  8. The Hole, Gallery, 312 Bowery
  9. Artists Alley @ Extra Place, Public Art Project
    Extra Place, .
  10. The Proposition, Art Gallery, 2 Extra Place 
  11. La MaMa La Galleria, Gallery, 6 East 1st St. .
  12. Other Music, Music, 15 East 4th St.
  13. DUO Multicultural Arts Center 
    Performance & Film
    62 East 4th St., .
  14. Rod Rodgers Dance Company & Studio
    62 East 4th St.,
  15. IATI Theater, Performance, 64 East 4th St.
  16. Paradise Factory, Film and Performance
    64 East 4th St.
  17. Teatro Circulo, Performance
    64 East 4th St.,
  18. 4th Street Photo Gallery, Gallery, 
    67 East 4th St.
  1. New York Theatre Workshop, Performance 
    79 East 4th St.,
  2. Horse Trade Theater Group, Performance, 
    85 East 4th St.,
  3. New York Neo-Futurists, Performance, 
    85 East 4th St.,
  4. WOW Cafe Theatre, Performance 
    Women’s, 59-61 East 4th St., 4th fl., .
  5. Creative Time, Visual Art, 
    59-61 East 4th St., 6th floor .
  6. Downtown Art, Youth Performance 
    59-61 East 4th St., 7th fl. .
  7. La MaMa ETC, Performance, 
    66-68 East 4th St.,   .
  8. Aicon Gallery, Gallery, 
    35 Great Jones St., 212-725-6092
  9. Karma, Gallery, 39 Great Jones St. 
  10. La MaMa ETC, Rehearsal
    47 Great Jones St., 212-475-7710
  11. Public Theater, Performance
    425 Lafayette St., 212-539-8500
  12. Astor Place Theater, Blue Man Group 
    434 Lafayette St., 877-870-3674
  13. Fourth Arts Block (FABnyc), Arts Svc
    61 East 4th St., 212-228-4670
  14. FABWORKS, Multi-Use
    75 East 4th St.,
  15. Ideal Glass, Design Studio
    22 East 2nd St.
  16. Peanut Underground Art Projects
    215 East 5th St.
  17. Tango House, Tango Musical
    428 Lafayette St., 646-564-9320  


NoHo Dancers and Choreographers

Mary Anthony
NY1 Profile HERE
90-year-old Mary Anthony, founder of The Mary Anthony Dance Theatre located at 736 Broadway, teaches modern dance and gives back to the artistic community at the same time, providing scholarship for dancers who want to dance but cannot afford to do so.
Click Here for Ticket Information
Elisa Monte - Founder of the
Elisa Monte Dance Company iin 1981 entered the world of professional dance early, making her professional New York debut dancing with Agnes DeMille in City Center’s revival of Carousel at the age of eleven, and attending the prestigious School of American Ballet. Fifteen years into her professional career, Monte turned her attention to choreography and founded the company that bears her name.

NoHo Painters/Sculptors  (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Chuck Close Self PortraitChuck Close
For more than 30 years, Chuck Close -- renowned as one of America's foremost artists in any media -- has explored the art of printmaking in his continuing investigation into the principles of perception

Canyon, Artist Robert RauschenbergRobert Rauschenberg
In late 1953, he met Jasper Johns, with whom he is considered the most influential of artists who reacted against Abstract Expressionism [more]. The two artists had neighboring studios, regularly exchanging ideas and discussing their work, until 1961.

Africa and Picasso, 2000 Artist Emma AmosEmma Amos
From her early work as a member of the black artist collective Spiral, to recent prints and canvases that deconstruct popular icons (from Picasso to ‘Lil Kim), Emma Amos challenges audiences to consider how ideas about race, sex and identity are constructed and disseminated through images. Her works expose the ways in which images of blackness and non-western cultural forms have been historically appropriated by white artists.

Harran II, Artist Frank Stella
Frank Stella
Stella’s art was recognized for its innovations before he was twenty-five. In 1959, several of his paintings were included in "Three Young Americans" at the Allen Memorial Art Museum at Oberlin College, as well as in "Sixteen Americans" at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (1959–60). Stella joined dealer Leo Castelli’s stable of artists in 1959.

Rain Reflections, Artist Sandy GellisSandy Gellis
Often described as a conceptual artist, Sandy Gellis (born ) works in sculpture, drawing, photography, and printmaking, specializing in Earth, Air, and Water studies. Gellis' public art projects are most successful in their approach and response to the environment.

Kneeling Figure, Artist June Leaf 2006June Leaf
June Leaf’s works, be it iron sculptures, works on canvas or on paper, cannot be viewed as being detached from one another. The sculptures, paintings and drawings are heavily conditioned by one another: her drawings and paintings are also always sketches for her sculptures; the sculptures, in turn, serve as models for her works with brush and pencil. The result is cross-discipline human studies, which never fail to fascinate, not least because of their extraordinary and extremely original details.

Riverhead, Artist Nancy MullerNancy Muller
As an artist I use windows and grids often in my work. Windows are structural and organizing devices that indicate a space within versus the one outside-circumscribing different if not opposing worlds. Windows can imply a sense of self and the other, the familiar and the unknown, the safe and the risky. See also Faces of the Fallen

Mariguana Square, Artist Diane AdzemaDiane Adzema
Diane Adzema is a multimedia artist and designer. Her sculpture and mixed media constructions were exhibited in Audart's "Shrines to Fantasy" exhibition in the Fall of 1996. The most prominent of her contributions to the show was a room-sized installation which documented the destruction of a Catholic Chapel in New York's Little Italy.

                                       Joann Melick
is considered a colorist, extraordinarily sensitive to the expressive and evocative roles that color plays in art and nature. Usually subtle and fragile, sometimes direct and bold, she handles her transitions from light to shadow with absolute precision. She controls the delicate balance of color, light, and form in a painterly parallel to organic growth.

Joan has continued working with the coral forms and has been exhibiting her work in one-woman shows in the U.S. and Paris, France. She has also had work published in Penthouse Magazine; The Whole Sex Catalogue; and the Kitchen Almanac.


Annie Shaver-Crandell  After a first career as a medievalist and professor of art history at The City College of New York, Annie Shaver-Crandell became an artist specializing in plein air landscape. Born and raised in Oberlin, Ohio, she now lives in New York City's historic Noho neighborhood.

 She is attracted to boundaries - the garden wall, the water's edge, the place where the cultivated field, pasture, vineyard, or orchard gives way to the woods and hills. In her home environment of Manhattan, she paints and draws extensively in the community gardens of the Lower East Side. But she travels extensively in pursuit of her subject, and much of her recent work was done in the American Rockies, the Provence region of France, and along the Delaware River.


Harriet Fields Joelle Shefts, Illustrator 

Photos of NoHo - As Eclectic as We Get

NoHo Music/Composers

Eben Bennett Jones, aka Critical Child


NoHo Digital Artists/Technicians

Cutting Vision
Deep Dish TV
Paper Tiger TV (NY)
Planet V Inc.
Air Force One
Black Dog Films
Bullseye Art
Curios Pictures
Critical Child Productions
Design TV
Division 6
Focus Features, New York Observer, March 19, 2004
Giraldi Suarez Productions
Hart Sharp Entertainment Inc.
Image Maintenance
Killer Films
MacGuffin Films
Nocturnal Commercials
Peter Cascone Productions
PictureVision Inc.
September Productions
Snapper Bear Studios
The Farm
Web Lab/Digital Innovations Group, Inc.
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